The Boers at the End of the World

Documentary feature film

In a remote stretch of Patagonia (Argentina) there is an over 100-year-old community that speaks Afrikaans – a language only spoken in South Africa. After the destruction of a war with the British, these Boers – descendants of Dutch settlers – sailed across the ocean to start a new life. Today, only a few dozen still speak the language and they are struggling to keep their culture alive. The film is a portrait of this community and one family’s longing to reconnect with South Africa.

Official trailer:

Louis Nel and Rian Zietsman were nominated for ‘Best Original Music for a Feature Film’ at kykNET Silwerskermfees 2015.

The original soundtrack is available online.

Music production company: Sticky Music
Music composers: Louis Nel and Rian Zietsman
Director: Richard Finn Gregory (GOOD WORK)
Film producer: Kelly Scott (GOOD WORK)