What we do

 Custom music composition

Commercials / advertisements

We understand that the soundtrack to a campaign can make or break your brand. That’s why we can:

  • Make your campaign more appealing to the viewer or listener
  • Support your ad’s structure and continuity
  • Appeal to your target group’s musical taste
  • Make it memorable


You can enhance the impact of a scene with the perfect film score. Let us compose it for you.

Audio branding

If I can recognise your brand with my eyes closed, I am more likely to trust what you are trying to tell me.” – Steve Keller, Sound Strategist

Is your brand innovative and future-minded? Audio branding is a powerful tool for communicating brand values and making your brand instantly recognisable. Let’s uncover the emotional values of your brand and design a meaningful audio identity.

 Music production

Are you a solo artist or a band looking for music producers? Please get in touch.

 Final mixing

We can do a final mix for your TV or radio spot, or for your film. Are you an artist or a band looking for a mixing engineer? We’re happy to assist.